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Segera Retreat

Segera Conservancy

A true African landscape

Segera Conservancy

A true African landscape

Set within the heart of the Laikipia Plateau is the spectacularly diverse area of the Segera Conservancy, located between the western Great Rift Valley and southeastern Mount Kenya. Fertile grasslands and woodlands are nourished by the waters that flow from the Aberdare Mountains to the Segera, Mutara, Ewaso Nyiro and Suguroi Rivers. These waters create enchanting natural features, such as a beautiful waterfall along the Segera River that cascades into ivy springs, eventually feeding a lush valley around Kiseregai Creek. The water sources are common drinking spots for warthogs, zebras, elephants, buffalos, giraffes and other wildlife. The 50,000-acre conservancy was once used mostly for agriculture and livestock that ultimately resulted in the degradation of the soil, flora and fauna. Poaching eventually led to dwindling numbers of wildlife and over-grazing had all but destroyed the soil, giving flora little chance to thrive. In 2005, the land was bought by the Jochen Zeitz who took the necessary steps to restore the natural ecosystems. The mission of the conservancy is known as the “4C concept - Community, Commerce, Culture and Conservation”, part of southern Africa’s Wilderness Safaris model that embraces the diverse needs of people, animals, land and guides management practices to ensure the preservation of all four. Today the conservancy supports solar energy facilities, education centers and fresh water programs, as well as the Zeitz Foundation that was established in 2009 and the ultra-luxurious Segera Retreat that was opened in 2013.

Segera Retreat

Set in the heart of Laikipia, one of Kenya’s most exciting safari locations, conservationist Jochen Zeitz has created an exclusive destination for fun, adventure, spiritual reflection and peace, where absolute luxury, bespoke service and generous all-inclusive offerings combine to give you exceptional privacy in your wild Kenyan home away from home.

Segera is a treasured haven for Kenya’s most celebrated wildlife species, where a holistic approach to wellness ensures a revitalizing and authentic safari experience from the moment you arrive.

Nestled between glorious Mount Kenya to the east and the Great Rift Valley to the west, a stunningly diverse and seemingly magical environment, Segera’s golden savannah plains, rocky waterfalls and tropical botanical gardens offer a peerless and exquisite venue for the perfect romantic escape or family holiday.

Where to find Segera Retreat & Segera Conservancy


Visiting & Activities at Segera Conservancy

50,000 acre Segera Conservancy, a private Game Reserve open to only 20 guests. Opportunity to seek Big Cats, large mammals and plains game, while enjoying a temperate climate. A vital migratory route for Elephants. The Ewasu ecosystem lies at the equator, and as part of the Great Rift Valley, is one of the most scenic landscapes in Kenya. Segera offers diverse wooded savannahs, four rivers and a beautiful cascading waterfall.

The Centre for the 4Cs (C4C)

This interactive experience allows you to learn about the activities on Segera and beyond. Part natural history museum, part art museum, part dreamer’s exhibition, a comprehensive tour will inspire you about the possibilities of holistic sustainability.

Game Drives

Wildlife can be viewed from 4x4 vehicles. Roaming freely though Laikipia, the area boasts the second highest density of wildlife in Kenya, including Endangered species such as patas monkeys, Grevy’s zebra and wild dog.

Guided Nature Walks

Set out under the African sun on foot and take in the beauty of the landscape and all the wildlife and birdlife it has to offer.

Hides and Look out Points

Spend time at our hides or look-out points and watch as the natural rhythms of the savannah play out before you.

Sundowners and Picnics

With such diverse and beautiful landscapes in the greater Segera area, it would be a shame to miss taking a picnic or sundowner out in the African bush.

Cultural Visits

Visit the local community, which offers a unique opportunity to learn from and about the people of Laikipia, their centuries-old traditions and ways of life.


Spend a magical and romantic evening out on your swing bed in the botanical garden or at the cattle ranch and soak up the African night.

Wellness Centre

Our culture of wellness is an experience that nourishes your entire being. The spa suites are complemented by the Rasul Tower with steam bath, saltwater swimming pool at the Retreat and a gym with state-of-the-art equipment.

Art Exhibitions

Enjoy regular exhibitions of locally and internationally acclaimed artists which allow you the rare opportunity to view the private contemporary African art collection of Segera’s owner.